[webkit-dev] WebKit Project Goals

Nicholas Shanks contact at nickshanks.com
Fri May 11 03:05:52 PDT 2007

Nice. You may also want to mention accessibility, public advocacy  
(i.e. to web devs) and a high degree of visual polish (e.g. anti- 
aliasing), though the latter may come under "platform-native HI  

You may also consider sorting them into priority groups or an ordered  
list. I recall when Safari was announced Performance was give as the  
number one goal and Usability coming lower down (which is why WebKit  
has no kerning, for example). Explaining this would help newcomers  
understand some of the prior design decisions. I suspect Security is  
the current topmost priority. Non-prioritised "goals" such as Open  
Source should probably come under "Non-Goals", and the current list  
thereunder be retitled "What WebKit Is Not"

The bit I like least about WebKit was mentioned in your post:

> sometimes even at the expense of standards

I'd rather websites were fixed instead of browsers adding  
workarounds, but it seems I'm in a minority there. Many others seem  
happy to allow and perpetuate cruft. :-(

- Nicholas.

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