[webkit-dev] SVG stabilization: <use> support

Nikolas Zimmermann zimmermann at kde.org
Fri Mar 2 11:27:59 PST 2007

Hello WebKit fellows,

I've filed a master bug yesterday which fixes all currently reported <use>
bugs (except one minor bug with <use> in <a> not showing cursor).

(not reviewed yet)

As Andreas Neumann stated in a previous mail, our <use> implementation
may be new and relatively untested, though it's performance & stability
is already quite nice.

I'm wondering wheter we could reeanble <use> again in ToT,
as I don't consider it an experimental feature anymore (compared to
ie. animations, filters, foreignObject - which are really "alpha quality".)

Of course, I'd volunteer to adress any P1/P2 which are reported.


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