[webkit-dev] XMLHttpRequest and readyState==3

Kalle Alm kalle.alm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 07:53:58 PDT 2007

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Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> This is a networking layer issue - it buffers the data up to some limit
> depending on what MIME type you send it with. Two workarounds that I
> think will work:
> 1) "prime" the connection with 256 bytes sent before any of the real data.
> 2) Use a MIME type that won't be subject to sniffing (I think
> "application/xml" as opposed to "text/xml" may fit the bill).

Thanks for the ideas! We tried both of these fixes (separately and in
combination), but unless we're doing something wrong, neither is
actually working 100%:
- - In FF/linux, they all work.
- - In Safari/windows, neither works.
- - In Safari/Mac OS X, the 1+2 worked a little, but still missed some

The URL for 1+2: http://www.synchroedit.com/pf1/
The URL for 2 only: http://www.synchroedit.com/pf2/
Sources 1+2: http://www.synchroedit.com/pf1/perl-fix-1.tar.gz
Sources 2: http://www.synchroedit.com/pf2/perl-fix-2.tar.gz

The first solution would most likely work if we increased the "garbage"
from 256 chars to something like 512, but the overhead at 256 is already
at something akin to 300% "more data" in transit, which sounds like a
major performance loss. If at all possible, getting things to work
without priming the connection would be ideal.

Any ideas?

- -Kalle.

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