[webkit-dev] Error when building QT port on Linux

Oleg Sukhodolsky Oleg.Sukhodolsky at Sun.COM
Wed Jun 27 03:20:18 PDT 2007


I'm using Ubuntu 7.04.
Got up-to-date sources from svn.  Did everything mentioned at 
http://trac.webkit.org/projects/webkit/wiki/BuildingQtOnLinux and got 
the following error :(

../../../WebKitQt/Api/qwebnetworkinterface_p.h:134: error: ‘QSslError’ 
was not declared in this scope
../../../WebKitQt/Api/qwebnetworkinterface_p.h:134: error: template 
argument 1 is invalid
../../../WebKitQt/Api/qwebnetworkinterface_p.h:135: error: 
‘QAuthenticator’ has not been declared
../../../WebKitQt/Api/qwebnetworkinterface_p.h:136: error: expected ‘,’ 
or ‘...’ before ‘&’ token
../../../WebKitQt/Api/qwebnetworkinterface_p.h:136: error: ISO C++ 
forbids declaration of ‘QNetworkProxy’ with no type
make[1]: *** [tmp/ResourceHandleQt.o] Error 1

Is this a bug in sources or I have missed something?

Thanks, Oleg.

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