[webkit-dev] How to make S60 webkit installed on a symbian 3rd cellphone such as n71

=?gb2312?B?wOjD9w==?= ledwinka at 126.com
Tue Jun 26 18:37:30 PDT 2007

I have complier s60 webkit using ARM RealView 2.2, also make a sis file.But
I can't make the sis file install on my N71. It looks like that the
self-sign sis can't get the capabilities S60 Webkit need such as
NetworkControl. I also found that most mmp project use CAP_CLIENT_DLL MACRO
to get ALL -TCB capabilities. It's a manufacturer approval level
capabilities. My question is: Is s60 webkit open source to independent
develop? In general , get a manufacturer approval capabilities is not
possible for an independent developer.

I found that xmlengine.dll and pagescaler.dll are not source code available.
The two dlls require capabilities can 't gain through self-sign.

Did anyone make s60 webkit actual run on a Symbian 3rd cellphone? 

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