[webkit-dev] Nightly snapshot partial copy

Mark Rowe bdash at webkit.org
Sat Jun 23 17:41:47 PDT 2007

On 23/06/2007, at 11:28 AM, Andrew Sweger wrote:

> Who do I contact regarding the source snapshot found at:
>  http://nightly.webkit.org/files/WebKit-SVN-source.tar.bz2

Try using <http://live.nightly.webkit.org/files/WebKit-SVN-source.tar.bz2 

> The website reports that this file is updated every six hours. It  
> appears
> that the process that places this file does so by copying over the
> existing file (instead of something more atomic like a file rename).  
> This
> causes problems while downloading the file while it is being  
> overwritten
> (the file size is under-reported).

Nope, that doesn't happen.  The tarball is created separately and then  
renamed into place.  I think the problem is likely to be the caching  
proxy server which is at nightly.webkit.org choking on the 180MB  
file.  I've updated the links to point directly at the web server for  
this large file so hopefully this problem will disappear.

Kind regards,

Mark Rowe

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