[webkit-dev] Doubt about latest webkit

Dave Hyatt hyatt at apple.com
Mon Jun 18 12:17:04 PDT 2007

The RenderTheme*** classes in WebCore/rendering are responsible for the 
look of controls.  RenderThemeSafari and RenderThemeMac do the Aqua 
look.  RenderThemeWin does a native Windows look.


sachin J Puranik wrote:
> Congrats for the release of the new Windows WebKit.
> I can not see any code to use a native widget set while drawing the
> page(Widgets like Buttons/List Box).
> But still in windows port we can see the 3D effect and native look for
> buttons, Lists and combo-boxes. 
> How does it happens..?? 
> Is it possible in the GDK port also...?? To use the GTK+ widgets instead
> of GDK Drawing??
> Regards
> Sachin
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