[webkit-dev] Building Spinneret

SvOlli webkit at svolli.dynxs.de
Mon Jun 11 05:05:50 PDT 2007


I'm trying to build the Spinneret application for Windows. So far, I've 
managed to put together a build environment that compiles the code, 
including a pthread port.

Right now I'm confronted with problems that can be related to the changes
that came with changelist 20837: the splitting up of the code in WebKit
and WebCore. During this change PageState.cpp was removed, but is still
referenced in the .sln project-file. As a workaround I tried to go back
to 20836, but there I get compile errors in three of the seven components.

So since as a first step I just want to get an impression of WebKit, what
can I do to get a working binary? Is there something like a "last known
changelist" that worked with building on Windows?

The final goal is to get a port of WebKit that is embedded running in a
propietary framework running on a QNX target system. Development is usually
done in a Windows Simulation, so a Windows port is needed as well, which
is the second step, after getting some kind of demo application on Windows.

Greetings from Germany,
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