[webkit-dev] type of JSChar

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Fri Jul 27 11:32:32 PDT 2007

One last comment that might help.

The idea here is that this is a low level API. Lower level than, say,  
the WebKit API. It's not built on top of the platform APIs like AppKit  
on Mac OS X. The idea is that it's potentially independent of WebKit.  
That's a good argument for having it match the low level platform and  
not be built on top of, say, AppKit or Qt. That extends even to things  
like this type.

I guess the whole wchar_t thing is a snafu, though, because we  
normally would not want a type that is different on different  
platforms. Maybe we should dump the idea of using wchar_t on Windows  
for this.

We were really following ICU's lead here -- ICU being another low  
level library not built on top of a framework like Qt or AppKit.

     -- Darin

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