[webkit-dev] Re: Automated tests (was: WebKit Project Goals)

Justin Haygood jhaygood at spsu.edu
Thu Jul 26 12:44:09 PDT 2007

Do the tests need anything special in them, or do standard HTML/JavaScript
pages unadorned work? We have a fairly large library of HTML/JavaScript
pages that can be donated to the cause at work here, mostly based on real
world websites for internal testing of our rich media products. I can
probably get permission to release them under an open source license from my
manager (it might take up to 2 weeks thanks to the lawyer, but its possible)

On 7/26/07, Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> wrote:
> On Jul 26, 2007, at 11:13 AM, Andre-John Mas wrote:
> > What should the requirements for the tool be, other than being
> > freely available?
> I'm not sure these are requirements, but here are some of the things
> I'd like to see:
>      - representative of real world performance
>          - one way to make it a real-world test is to use content from
> real-world websites, but that's the rub because the copyright owner
> may not give us license to use it as we wish
>      - easy to run in an automated fashion so we can post results on
> the buildbots
>      - easy to run with performance analysis tools
>      - possible to run in non-WebKit browsers too
>      - no "axe to grind" -- this wouldn't be a test specifically
> designed to highlight a particular performance problem
>      - doesn't change a lot over time -- it's hard to judge changes in
> performance of the engine if the test is changing too
> There are other more subtle requirements. If we have too many
> different performance tests, they are no good because we can't run
> them all. If benchmarks are created by unaffiliated third parties,
> they are even more valuable because people won't assume they are
> "slanted".
>      -- Darin
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