[webkit-dev] Pleyo unveils OWB, its refactor of WebKit

Sebastien Roret sroret at pleyo.com
Fri Jul 20 14:50:40 PDT 2007

2007/7/20, Adam Roben <aroben at apple.com>:
>    Congratulations on your unveiling! I'm interested to hear about the
> changes to you made to get WebKit working on your platform(s), and I'm very
> glad that you're going to be sending patches back to the WebKit project
> (perhaps eventually your work can even happen in the main WebKit Subversion
> repository). Please keep us updated!
> -Adam

Thanks a lot.
I'm pleased to sum up some of our ideas.

We aim at small platforms.

We started with the Linux port, but we focused on librairies and not on the
OS or the toolkit used (one may change only the network engine, the graphics
engine, etc.)
First we wanted to keep the WebCore's code as is, obviously. So, we worked
mainly in the platform directory and we made a similar abstraction layer we
named BAL by making some more dirs (Interfaces, Implementations) and
changing some classes to pure virtual classes :) to avoid as much as we can
plaform independant (ifdefs, etc.). We started a document at

We use CMake intensively to make our librairies configuration. It compiles
also on MacPort, and Maxime has tested with success the Xcode generator.

We started to implement some unit testing (testBAL binary).

We're still working on the DRT and its layout tests (but we still have no
real plan concerning specific Mac rendering differences).

We also document our code with doxygen tags and we wrote a porting guide (

I'd better stop now. If you have any comments, you're welcome. We also have
a mailing list for off topic comments :).


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