[webkit-dev] Purchasing an unlocked Webkit Cell Phone?

bradley.morrison at nokia.com bradley.morrison at nokia.com
Mon Jul 9 14:14:52 PDT 2007

Please note that only S60 3.0 phones ship with the WebKit (tiger branch)
based browser. Also on those devices, unfortunately it's far from
trivial to upgrade to later versions of WebKit.



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You can buy them from the manufacturer directly, and use them on
T-Mobile and AT&T here in the US (or Rogers in Canada) 

On 7/9/07, Christopher Allen <ChristopherA at iphonewebdev.com> wrote: 

	I'm seeking suggestions for the purchase of a webkit-enabled
	phone, unlocked and usable in the US, that I can use for testing
	various iPhone apps for compatibility. My primary intent is
support of
	iPhone, but having one would force me to try to at least offer
	compatibility. I also expect it may help me future-proof
	as new platforms come out.
	Ideally the phone would be one that is known for regular
upgrades so
	that more current webkit's can be installed, that I can get
	without a cell phone plan in the US, and of course, if possible,
	Any suggestions? I could also trade someone an iPhone activated
	only Wifi (i.e. no AT&T) with someone in Europe for an
	priced phone.
	-- Christopher Allen
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