[webkit-dev] Stabilizing the tree

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Mon Jan 15 23:29:40 PST 2007

Hi everyone,

WebKit has been in a state of churn for a while now, with no major  
release being cut from the tip of tree code in nearly two years.  
Together, we've made some awesome improvements in web site  
compatibility, performance, standards support, portability and many  
other areas.

Now it's time to consolidate those gains and clean up some of the  
regressions that crept in along the way. We expect various ports to  
continue doing merging and bring-up work. But for core code, the most  
valuable work is to fix P1 bugs, especially regressions, as well as  
reproducible crashes, hangs and leaks. Here's a query for P1 bugs  
(stripping out for now bugs which are specific to the S60 branch):


Similarly, we could really use more stability and compatibility  
testing. If you can reproduce a crash, or you know of serious  
problems on sites that worked before, now is the time to get that bug  


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