[webkit-dev] build.webkit.org

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Wed Jan 10 10:58:03 PST 2007

The build bot is pretty happy right now. As of 18741.

     - The Mac OS X release and debug builds are building.
     - The Linux/Qt build is building.
     - The Mac OS X release no-SVG build is building.
     - All jscore and layout tests are passing on the Mac OS X  
release and debug builds.

Lets keep these working!

I think we might want to improve the way the build bot displays  
results so we can notice if we break any of these 6 or so things. In  
particular, I'd like to be able to quickly tell if the Linux/Qt build  

The Mac OS X leaks bot is currently showing some leaks -- lets see if  
we can do something to fix or filter those out so we can notice new  
leaks in the future.

     -- Darin

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