[webkit-dev] Box shadow

David Hyatt hyatt at apple.com
Sun Jan 7 21:56:10 PST 2007

I just landed support for the CSS3 box-shadow property.  This  
entailed adding a few new methods to GraphicsContext.  I stubbed  
these methods out on Qt but did not implement them.

They are:

void clipOut(const IntRect&);
	Excludes the specified rect from the clipping region.

void clipOutEllipseInRect(const IntRect&);
	Same, but for an ellipse drawn inside the specified rect.

void fillRoundedRect(const IntRect&, const IntSize& topLeft, const  
IntSize& topRight, const IntSize& bottomLeft, const IntSize&  
bottomRight, const Color&);
         Fills a rounded rect (with elliptical curvature in the four  
corners) with the specified color.

Note that the fillRoundedRect method arguably should be cross- 
platform, relying on primitives instead.   This is an area for  
improvement, if someone wants to rework it to use the cross-platform  
Path class etc.

(hyatt at apple.com)

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