[webkit-dev] Re: Ports and Forks

Rob Burns robburns1 at mac.com
Fri Feb 16 18:55:15 PST 2007

Those were not suggestions for the repository directory. Those were  
suggestions for wiki pages on porting.  The point wasn't to include  
precisely those pages either. It was that having a group of pages on  
porting would be a good idea (as well as a master porting page that  
organized the other pages).

I'm not familiar enough with the various ports to say what pages we  
need exactly. Perhaps it should be a page for each "full-package"  
port as you listed them. For example:

	•  SH4 Linux + DirectFB + FreeType + blablabla
	•  ARM9 Linux + SDL + SDL_TTF + blablabla

Or alternatively a page for each piece of the port. For example:

	•  networking
	•  graphics
	•  processor
	•  build environment
	•  etc (or blablabla ;if you prefer)

Especially if pieces of WebKit that need to be ported to various  
frameworks use those same frameworks on multiple full-package ports  
(for example, I assume BSD networking libraries might be used on Mac  
OS X, Darwin and other BSD environments. However, Quartz would only  
be on Mac OS X.

However from reading recent threads, it sounds to me that there are  
five or six pages needed to describe the various ports:

	•  Mac OS X
	•  Qt
	•  S60
	• Gdk (Windows?)
	• Gdk (others?)
	• Windows

 From Macej's post it sounds like we'll see some of this once the  
current stabilization phase is complete. I look forward to seeing  
that. I'll say I think I have some things I could contribute to the  
wiki from my own experience with WebKit, but it's hard to start that  
process without a more complete overview in place first. Jumping in  
and discussing DOM APIs peculiarities without a larger discussion of  
the philosophy and direction seems a bit futile.

Best wishes,

On Feb 16, 2007, at 8:19 PM, Jean-Charles VERDIE wrote:

> Rob Burns a écrit :
>> Some topics that I think the Wiki could use:
>> - Porting WebKit
>>     •  Windows Port]
>>     •  LInux Port
>>     •  BSD Port
>>     •  etc.
> These bullets are too limitative (just as platform is, to my point  
> of view). Porting to linux is meaningless. We work on porting  
> webkit on :
> SH4 Linux + DirectFB + FreeType + blablabla
> ARM9 Linux + SDL + SDL_TTF + blablabla
> This is fairly different. This is impossible to imagine adding one  
> directory per port (what about ARM9 + DirectFB then?). Unless you  
> want to maximize the quantity of duplicated source ;-)
> Regards
> J.
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