[webkit-dev] Open Design beyond Open Source

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Fri Feb 16 16:22:19 PST 2007

On Feb 16, 2007, at 3:41 PM, Mike Emmel wrote:
> What would apple need to do ?
> 1.) Simply make a better web page so people can write a small
> paragraph about their work and provide a link to a website or
> repository.

    This seems like a perfect job for our wiki at http:// 
trac.webkit.org/. In fact, our wiki already contains information  
about how to build the Windows and GDK ports, and is just waiting for  
more information to be added about these and other ports.

> The problem with number 3 is right now a number of WebKit ports exist
> that are not part of the main tree so the SVN branch solution has
> already in a sense failed. I'm aware of at least 4 WebKit ports not
> part of WebKit SVN.  I don't think doing nothing is working. Instead
> the fragmentation you don't want to happen has already happened.
> I have no idea how many others a out there I'm sure their are more.

    This is not so much a failure of Subversion as it is a failure of  
communication. To the best of my knowledge, very little if any  
information about these other ports has been communicated to the  
WebKit community other than a few recent emails to this mailing list.  
Those ports that have made themselves known to the community (S60,  
Qt, GDK) seem to be having no trouble living within the webkit.org  
Subversion repository, either as a branch (in S60's case), or as part  
of the trunk (as Qt and GDK are). The S60 port is slowly moving  
towards being included in the trunk, and this seems to be the model  
that gives the most benefit to everyone. What makes this process  
difficult is when ports are developed outside of the community  
process and then try to integrate themselves back in later. There's  
lots of room in the WebKit community for ports, and we encourage  
anyone working on or considering starting a port to join us in  
#webkit and on this mailing list so that we may figure out how we can  
best work together.


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