[webkit-dev] Re: Ports and Forks

René v Amerongen appledev at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 16 01:44:18 PST 2007

Op 16-feb-2007, om 9:58 heeft Maciej Stachowiak het volgende geschreven:

> we can have a greater market share than any of us could  
> individually. This way, web developers have to pay attention to our  
> engine when designing their sites. But if WebKit is split into  
> dozens of separate fragmented ports, each will end up with a whole  
> separate set of bugs and fixes. If making a site work in one WebKit- 
> based product doesn't fix it for all of them, then web developers  
> will remain unimpressed by our combined market share.
> This is the reason we are trying to push for more unification  
> rather than more fragmentation.

I second that for 100%. The overall quality will be better. Besides,  
the one mans implemented idea is the other mans solution.

However I also will ask right here, the question to make more  
documentation about the webkit parts and targets, so that new people  
around here can jump in more quickly instead of searching and finally  
start there own fragment with there own documentation.


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