[webkit-dev] Building on Linux

Jean-Charles VERDIE jcverdie at pleyo.com
Thu Feb 15 03:42:06 PST 2007

wtk32 a écrit :
> Hi Jean-Charles
>> It's really interesting since our refactoring is based upon a clear 
>> split between what is really (from our point of view) WebKit, and 
>> what is platform+OS dependent (font engine, graphic context, threads, 
>> and so on).
> This sounds most interesting. Will the results of this refactoring 
> appear in the release you mentioned in a previous post?

Sure. We even hope that (some of) them are accepted into the TOT :-)
We will propose a "BAL" directory, including all the abstraction 
factories, plus a minimal path to have WebCore/JSCore compile with BAL. 
 From our point of view, BAL is a replacement of "platform/" but we'll 
see where to place it. It could also been seen as a specific port of 
WebKit, and thus be included in platform/...


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