[webkit-dev] Stumped by Date() results in Safari

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Tue Feb 13 13:07:30 PST 2007


I tried this in Safari on 10.4.8:

javascript:alert(new Date('01/19/2039').getTime())

and got:


which is greater than 214748364700.

Am I testing the right thing?


On Feb 13, 2007, at 12:57 PM, Jason White wrote:

> If I'm posting to a very wrong place, please let me know. I'm having a
> problem with a Javascript date in Safari that is preventing me from
> supporting it alongside Firefox, IE, and Navigator.
> It appears that Safari has a problem when I attempt to use new Date()
> and pass in a string formatted date greater than 01/19/2038. Using  x
> = new Date('01/19/2038').getTime(), it appears that the milliseconds
> since 01/01/1970 never goes over 214748364700 no matter what you set
> the date to..but it can be less. IE and Firefox will go much higher
> than that. Converting that number to binary, it doesn't look like
> anything is getting overflowed (it's not all 1s)
> Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong here? I can't imagine it's
> Safari's fault, or someone would have noticed by now. I don't think
> it's a system configuration issue because the other browsers don't
> have the same problem.
> Also, if anyone knows of a good reference book on this browser please
> let me know! For some reason I'm having a hard time finding much
> information on developing for it's peculiarities.
> Thanks,
> Jason White
> Developer
> New England Research Institute
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