[webkit-dev] New autotools build system landed in r28997

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Wed Dec 26 22:49:02 PST 2007

The new autotools build system has landed in commit r28997:


Q: Is this specific to the GTK+ port?

Right now the build system only supports GTK+, but it's been written to 
support multiple ports. Developers of two younger ports (ArOS, EFL) have 
already expressed an interest in sharing it.

Q: Will this let me build a standalone JavaScriptCore library?

Not yet, but it's a good basis for a standalone portable JavaScriptCore 
build system. This could be useful for scripting headless applications 
or building a test/benchmark driver.

Q: I'm a Qt developer. Can I remove GTK+ from the qmake build files now?

Hold up! We'll be maintaining the two systems in parallel for at least a 
week. I'll post a follow-up to list when the transition is complete.

Q: I'm a WebKit developer. Should I try to keep this build system up to 
date when I add/remove files from the project?

It would be helpful, but until the transition is complete (ie. the build 
bot starts using autotools) there's no pressure on anyone outside of the 
GTK+ port to maintain these files.

Q: Does this mean I don't need Qt any more to build the GTK+ port?

Yes. Offers of beer, gifts etc. should be directed at Jan Alonzo, and 
also Kimmo Kinnunen upon whose previous work this is loosely based.

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