[webkit-dev] Re: native entry widget in webkit-gtk

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Thu Dec 20 11:10:39 PST 2007

zaheer ahmad wrote:
> Hi Alp.
> Thank you for the response. native entry widgets in our platform has 
> integrated support for entry methods like T9, ITAP etc.
> If we need to get this in to the entry controls used by the webkit gtk 
> port, would it mean we need to rewrite all the logic similar to what 
> GtkEntry does ? Is there a alternate solution.

If input methods on your device are implemented using the standard API, 
completing IM support in WebKit/GTK+ won't be much work. I've described 
what's left to be done in this bug:


There is already complete enough support for input methods in SVN trunk 
to support the virtual keyboard in the Nokia internet tablets for 
example, but more complex predictive text input methods will need a few 
more functions to be implemented.

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