[webkit-dev] Re: native entry widget in webkit-gtk

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Wed Dec 19 20:49:18 PST 2007

zaheer ahmad wrote:
> hi,
> iam working on gtk port of webkit and i have a need to use the native 
> gtk input widget (GtkEntry) for text entry instead of the webkits own 
> text entry control.

Hi Zaheer,

Most WebKit ports including the GTK+ port now render input controls 
using drawing primitives provided by the style engine rather than 
instantiating real widgets. This is done to reduce overhead and make CSS 
styling easier. Other browser engines have also moved away from real 
widget instances, so this isn't specific to WebKit.

Why do you want a GtkEntry? If you're looking for better text 
internationalisation or input method support there are bug reports for 
both of these, complete with partial patches. You can help get the 
features finished sooner by testing and submitting improved versions of 
the patches.

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