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Brent Fulgham bfulgham at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 12:46:35 PST 2007

On Dec 16, 2007 4:44 PM, 정우철 <jjj0161 at bndnet.com> wrote:

> Thank you for answer.
> I have installed the Cygwin toolkit.
> Source tree downloaded at C:\Documents and Settings\jjj0161\Webkit.
> And put WebKitSupportLibrary.zip file to
> C:\Documents and Settings\jjj0161\Webkit\.
> Then build with Cygwin shell.(webkit\webkittools\scripts\build-webkit)
> But, it make many error. (for example, '..\..\WebKitBuild\obj\Web
> Core\DerivedSources\XMLNames.cpp': No such file or directory)
> How can I build it? :(
> (of course, I update tree with "update-webkit" command.)

I have found that the following problems might cause this:

1.   Be sure to use the Cygwin Downloader ("
to get the Cygwin installation.  Even if you already have Cygwin, make sure
to grab this so you can at least see which packages are needed.  I initially
ran into trouble because (already having Cygwin), I assumed I could get away
with using my existing installation.  However, I did not have the gperf
package installed and so it failed to autogenerate lots of files.  This
actually seems likely, based on your errors in the "DerivedSources"
directory (many of which are generated, or based on things produced by

2.  If you were building, and the build failed, I find that DevStudio often
hangs around, locking various important files and generally causing a great
deal of mischief.  Check your task manager and kill any 'devenv.com', '
devenv.exe', 'cl.exe', 'make.exe', and so forth that might be gumming up the

3.  You might need to delete the entire "WebKitBuild" directory and try
again.  If you did not have things set up properly to begin with, this
directory will contain various incorrect versions of these files that will
prevent the auto-generation from generating correct copies.  E.g., if you
did not have gperf installed (as in step 1), you will have some zero-length
files that prevent valid copies from being generated.

I hope that these three tips will resolve your issue.

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