[webkit-dev] XML Events in WebKit

Antoine Quint ml at graougraou.com
Sat Dec 8 08:05:06 PST 2007

On 8 déc. 07, at 01:14, Ian Hickson wrote:

> On Fri, 7 Dec 2007, Antoine Quint wrote:
>> XML Events basically come in handy when you want a generic markup- 
>> based way to
>> add event listeners for custom events. For instance, if XBL was  
>> implemented in
>> WebKit, and I had my own custom magic UI control implemented with  
>> some custom
>> XML element, [...]
> ...then you shouldn't be sending it over the wire, so it shouldn't
> matter... (You shouldn't send custom, aka proprietary, vocabularies  
> over
> the wire, since you have no way to guarentee the end user can handle  
> it.)

We're drifting away from the original topic a bit, but I'm wondering  
if such a statement would jeopardize the validity of the existence of  
XBL, or if you see XBL as a technology for standalone, browser-based  
application? Personally, I see no big problem using custom grammars  
when XBL is available on the client.

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