[webkit-dev] XML Events in WebKit

Antoine Quint ml at graougraou.com
Fri Dec 7 08:53:56 PST 2007


On 7 déc. 07, at 17:38, David Hyatt wrote:

> Yeah, they don't seem particularly compelling to me either.
> If someone does implement these, they should put the implementation  
> behind an #ifdef so that those projects that aren't interested in  
> them can turn them off.

XML Events basically come in handy when you want a generic markup- 
based way to add event listeners for custom events. For instance, if  
XBL was implemented in WebKit, and I had my own custom magic UI  
control implemented with some custom XML element, I'll likely want to  
fire custom DOM Events, and XML Events would be a neat way for users  
of my widget to listen to some of these custom events without  
resorting to a purely script-based approach using addEventListener().

It's a lot of ifs, but if WebKit ever supports XBL and custom DOM  
Events, then it'd be worth re-thinking the usefulness of XML Events in  

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