[webkit-dev] Proper Launching Behavior for Drosera (Windows)

Brent Fulgham bfulgham at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 16:33:47 PST 2007

Hi Kevin,

I finally got everything working on my Mac, so now I have a better idea of
what to expect on the Windows side.  And I can confirm that if I launch
Safari, then launch Drosera, then send Safari to a page with some JavaScript
everything seems to come up just fine.


On Dec 6, 2007 2:45 PM, Kevin McCullough <kmccullough at apple.com> wrote:

> I think the scripts are going to be the way to run things (similar to
> run-safari), I'll take a look at what you have attached to the bugzilla bug
> and that might be the way to go.
> In the future we would like to bundle a built version of Drosera with the
> nightlies just like we have on Mac, but currently that is not available.

I've updated the Bugzilla entry with a few revisions that I use on my mac
system, as well as a change to FindSafari that emits the path info I need to
run Drosera.

> The start, pause, resume, step over, Show Console, etc buttons were
> created on Mac via Interface Builder and are not cross-platform.  For the
> sake of simplicity and speed of development I implemented these in the
> windows "Debug" menu in Drosera.  In the future I would like to make these
> in JavaScript, in Drosera's debugger.js, which would make the buttons
> cross-platform automatically.

This would be very cool.  I'm interested in poking through Drosera to see if
I could use a similar architecture (i.e., a WebKit-based GUI) for an
application I'm trying to port to the Mac.  So, seeing how this is done
would be pretty useful.

> Thanks for testing things out for us, I greatly appreciate your feedback.

My pleasure -- you guys have created a pretty amazing set of tools here.
I've been playing with the WebInspector for one day, and I was already to
find the cause of some stupid formatting issues here at work.  Very useful.


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