[webkit-dev] win32 Build Issue

Dominik Roettsches Dominik.Roettsches at access-company.com
Mon Dec 3 00:03:04 PST 2007

Hi Brent,
> I just managed to get a current SVN build of WebKit to build.  
> The instructions on the website are great, but I ran into a problem
> because I chose to land my working sources on my D: drive 
> (/cygdrive/d/Development/WebKit) rather than in the suggested 
> home directory.
> In this configuration, I got a number of path errors:
"wtk/Platforms.h:  No such file or directory".

Can you check whether JavaScriptCore was correctly built when compiling
outside home dir? I built it outside the home directory (but on a "c"
drive, cygdrive/c/dev/something) and got this kind of error only when
JSCore wasn't correctly built. And that again happened because of a svn
client related line-endings issue. Copying some wtk\* files to the right
locations seems to happen as a post-build action of JSCore - as far as I
understand. When the line endings issue was solved, the build was
successful. Could something similar be the reason in your case? 

Best regards,


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