[webkit-dev] API layer for GTK port in Web kit

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Tue Aug 21 03:20:38 PDT 2007

Am 21.08.2007 um 11:01 schrieb Namaz:

> Thanks Holger for your clear explanation. And I found multiple frames
> started working in the latest release (some scrolling issues are  
> there).

Please file bug reports, be more concrete and attach images or  
animations (gif,mng) to show the issue.

> If I am correct, WebKitGtkPage is a class which is synonymous to  
> WebView of
> Mac. I think there are a lot of functions, signals, etc need to be  
> added to
> WebKitGtkPage to make it as a full fledged WebView.

You are right. But instead of just copying all functions of WebView  
my plan is/was to implement the bits that are required by  
applications. So if an applications needs xyz feature, we take a look  
at WebView and then consider how it should be mapped to Gtk+ and then  
implement it.

> Regarding image codec, for GTK port, I think we could use Gdk- 
> pixbuf since
> it supports many image types (BMP, XBM, PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc). I  
> think the
> only reason Gdk-Pixbuf is not used to make it work for (non GTK)  
> Cairo or Qt
> platforms. Is that right?

No, we are free to use Gdk-Pixbuf.It is not used yet, because the  
decoders in WebKit work and we had other issues to solve. If you want  
to use Gdk-pixbuf, feel free to send a patch.
Besides implementing a decoder for Gdk-Pixbuf you want to change the  
MIMETypeRegistry to register the MimeType's of the supported image  
formats. This code is in WebCore/platform/MIMETypeRegistry.cpp and  
probably in WebCore/platform/gdk/MIMETypeRegistry.cpp.

kind regards

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