[webkit-dev] add webkit head file build errors

Chris Brichford chrisb at adobe.com
Thu Aug 16 10:48:31 PDT 2007

If I had to guess what the problem was, I would say that you need to add the NOMINMAX preprocessor definition to the project that is not compiling.  The windows headers define min and max as preprocessor macros unless NOMINMAX is defined before they are included.  Having min and max defined as macros will cause the code in JSCore/wtf/Vector.h to not compile.


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On 16/08/2007, at 2:29 PM, pj_wh120 at sina.com wrote:

	 Thanks for your reply, that error missing,but the other occured:
	c:\cygwin\home\en\webkit\webkitbuild\include\javascriptcore\vector.h(275) : error C2589: ¡°(¡±: ¡°::¡±ÓұߵķǷ¨±ê¼Ç        c:\cygwin\home\en\webkit\webkitbuild\include\javascriptcore\vector.h(272): ±àÒëÀà Ä£°å ³ÉÔ±º¯Êý¡°void WTF::VectorBuffer::allocateBuffer(size_t)¡±Ê±
	       ]        c:\cygwin\home\en\webkit\webkitbuild\include\javascriptcore\vector.h(487): ²Î¼û¶ÔÕýÔÚ±àÒëµÄÀà Ä£°å ʵÀý»¯¡°WTF::VectorBuffer¡±µÄÒýÓÃ
	       ]        c:\cygwin\home\en\webkit\webkitbuild\include\webcore\formdata.h(36): ²Î¼û¶ÔÕýÔÚ±àÒëµÄÀà Ä£°å ʵÀý»¯¡°WTF::Vector¡±µÄÒýÓÃ

>From the Microsoft documentation:

	Compiler Error C2589
	Error Message:  'identifier' : illegal token on right side of '::'

	c:\cygwin\home\en\webkit\webkitbuild\include\javascriptcore\vector.h(275) : error C2059: Óï·¨´íÎó : ¡°::¡±
	occured the source code position:  
	if (newCapacity > std::numeric_limits::max() / sizeof(T))

>From the Microsoft documentation:

	Compiler Error C2059
	Error Message: syntax error : 'token'

This code compiles correctly for everyone else on Windows, so it's not at all clear why you would be experiencing these issues.  Your emails make it sound like you're attempting to build a WebKit-using application.  If that's the case, it's reasonable to assume that you're doing something wrong in either your code where you include these headers or in your project configuration to trigger the errors.

	I comment this code,build ok. and others, where can I get 'icuuc36.dll',because I run my program hint me no 'icuuc36.dll',  I just find a 'icuuc.lib' under 'WebKitLibraries\win\lib' directory.

The ICU DLL is installed alongside Safari.

- Mark

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