[webkit-dev] type of JSChar

Artem Ananiev Artem.Ananiev at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 9 02:30:38 PDT 2007

Darin Adler wrote:

> On Jul 27, 2007, at 4:03 AM, Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:
>> On 7/27/07 1:51 PM, "Simon Hausmann" <hausmann at kde.org> wrote:
>>> Does anybody know/remember why JSChar is defined to wchar_t on 
>>> Windows and if
>>> it is still needed?
>> I think this was/is needed to match ICU's definition of UChar ("Define 
>> UChar to be wchar_t if that is 16 bits wide; always assumed to be 
>> unsigned. If wchar_t is not 16 bits wide, then define UChar to be 
>> uint16_t. This makes the definition of UChar platform-dependent but 
>> allows direct string type compatibility with platforms with 16-bit 
>> wchar_t types.")
> That's correct. And for the same reasons we should follow the same 
> pattern for UChar, even when ICU is not involved.
> I think that UnicodeQt4.h is the file that should be changed, not 
> JSStringRef.h.

You say WebKit tries to follow ICU's UChar. If so, the real size of 
wchar_t must be examined instead of just checking for WIN32 or _WIN32. 
Otherwise the problem appears for every windows/g++ build without these 
two defines. In the case of Qt (which doesn't use ICU), the problem can 
be easily solved: define UChar in UnicodeQt4.h according to ICU's UChar 
- see Simon's last email - but what about other platforms that don't 
have their own Unicode implementation?



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