[webkit-dev] Google Summer of Code and a WebKit project (introduction)

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Thu Apr 12 06:39:54 PDT 2007


I will be carrying out a WebKit related project for http:// 
www.openmoko.org during google's summer of code. My project will be  
to work on the Gdk/Cairo port of WebKit and my goal is to make it at  
least as complete as the Qt port (including svg). So please stay  
tuned for my patches.

I will at least spend a month full time on this project and probably  
half time during the remaining months. I will completely focus on  
this project to make sure to complete it in time. I hope to have time  
left to look into the <animate> element of SVG and make it work as well.

This brings me to my Bio:

I'm a student of CS at the Free University in Berlin Germany with  
focus on a lot of things (artificial intelligence, software  
engineering and telematics). I have a long background in cotributing  
to Free Software projects. These projects  include KDE,  
handhelds.org, openembedded.org, gcc, Opie/Qtopia, OpenSync,  
KitchenSync. I'm a ARM Linux hacker in my spare time I love to read  
gcc's ARM backend definitions. During the past summers I have  
interned at companies developing GSM and or DVB-H based products/ 
projects. I have implemented various GSM, DVB, OMA and 3GPP standards  
during this time. For the past two years I have deeply researched  
timed media for broadcast. I have researched at GMIT GmbH and this  
lead us to create the Handheld Interactive Synchronized TV (HisTV  
http://www.histv.org) framework. The primary goals were to make the  
protocol robust against loss of packets (we refer to it as tunnel- 
problem), allow frame precise synchronisation to the video and make  
sure current terminals can implement this specification.

Obviously one of the private goals is to make WebKit run on my Linux  
phone and my Linux settop box next to h264.

I hope to succeed and happy hacking

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