[webkit-dev] Re: XHTML, XML and WebKit editing

Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen danchr at daimi.au.dk
Fri Sep 15 01:18:51 PDT 2006

David D. Kilzer wrote:
> You should really read this web page if you're not sending xhtml as
> application/xhtml+xml:
>     http://www.hixie.ch/advocacy/xhtml
> Dave

I was writing a small web application recently, and I - naturally - 
served my XHTML 1.1 as the MIME type prescribed by the standard. 
However, I ran into two issues:

1) Internet Explorer 6 on windows does not recognise the MIME type, 
asking the user where to save it.
2) Using Safari - with both released and (then) trunk WebKit - cookies 
didn't work. I've filed this bug in radar.

So until the bugs are fixed WebKit, and IE7 sees widespread acceptance, 
I'd say the world isn't ready for application/xhtml+xml.

- Dan

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