[webkit-dev] State of WebKit on Qt4 (aka Unity)

Krzysztof Kowalczyk kkowalczyk at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 09:36:59 PST 2006

On 10/31/06, Stefan Eilers <stefan.eilers at basyskom.de> wrote:
> We are very interested to do some work for KHtml on Qt4. As it was
> launched as Unity and the patches are integrated into WebKit, we
> think this is a promising situation for the future.
> To get a first overview, I would like to ask what is currently
> missing? Where are the blank spots?

Look at TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp - every function there needs to be written.

Look for functions that call notImplemented().

If qt is like the other two ports (win/gdk), a big missing part is
working pop-up menus.

Alternatively, just build it, start using it as a primary browser and
fix all the issues that come up.

-- kjk

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