[webkit-dev] License question

Christer Sandberg chrsan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 02:46:33 PDT 2006


My knowledge about the LGPL license is quite limited so I thought I'd
ask you directly. I'm developing a CSS parser as a Ruby extension and
I have based my Bison grammar and Flex tokeizer on yours. I don't use
any C++ code etc from WebCore, I only use the grammar rules and have
my own C statements which suite my needs for the Ruby extension.

I'm going to relase my project as open source and I'm wondering what
kind of license my project needs to be under since I'm basing some of
my work on yours, and should I keep the original license comments in
the grammar just adding that the grammar has been modified by me?

Please reply to me directly since I'm not on the WebKit mailing list (yet).

Thank you!
Christer Sandberg

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