[webkit-dev] a question on printing: whither WSIWYG?

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Fri Oct 6 18:50:27 PDT 2006

That's definitely a bug.  I was able to reproduce it with a locally  
built debug build of r16799.

Please file a bug on http://bugs.webkit.org/ with information on how  
to reproduce it.


On Oct 3, 2006, at 4:49 AM, peliom at tikirobot.net wrote:

> Here is the original website  page:
> http://www.michaelang.com/a/92/fall-classes-at-the-lemurplex.html
> When printed using Safari 2.0.4, this is the resulting PDF.  It it  
> looks like the stylesheet is missing or something.
> http://tikirobot.net/t/1DFE8229/SafariSaveAsPDF.pdf
> Here are the webarchive and pdf files created by my application.   
> As with Safari, the web page looks great but the PDF page looks  
> terrible.
> http://tikirobot.net/t/1DFE8229/1DFE8229.webarchive
> http://tikirobot.net/t/1DFE8229/1DFE8229.pdf
> Anybody know what is going on?
> Thanks! :-)
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> TikiRobot!
> http://www.tikirobot.net

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