[webkit-dev] Is WebKit's javascript subpar?

Kevin Newman CaptainN at unFocus.com
Fri May 26 12:02:31 PDT 2006

Cool! I'll check that out.

Also, I think you are right, that people are complaining about the 
browser specific bugs, not the core JavaScript implementation. Aside 
from a scoping issue in a very old version of Safari that I once had, I 
haven't run into any problems specifically related to JavaScript.

Kevin N.

David Hyatt wrote:
> No nightlies yet, but you can build Spinneret - the test viewer app on 
> Win32.
> http://wiki.opendarwin.org/index.php/WebKit:Building_On_Windows
> Hopefully we'll get nightlies of Spinneret going soon so that people 
> can download it, try it out and report bugs.
> dave
> (hyatt at apple.com)
> On May 26, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Kevin Newman wrote:
>> Speaking strictly as a web site/JavaScript developer, I can tell you 
>> that it is most difficult to develop in Safari's JS implementation. 
>> It does seem to have it's quirks, and they are difficult to debug for 
>> two primary reasons. The JavaScript output in Safari 1.3 is terrible, 
>> and frequently useless. This problem may have been fixed in later 
>> versions of Safari/WebKit, however, that is the second problem. I 
>> develop on Windows primarily, and have limited access to Safari and 
>> Mac OS X (like many other JS hackers I would imagine).
>> My suggestion - if you want more people to use and become familiar 
>> with the quirks of Web-Kit's JS runtime, port it to Windows. Then it 
>> can be tested more easily by people using that platform - even if 
>> it's ugly. It took me a long time to get familiar and comfortable 
>> with Mozilla's quirks (yes it has them too), but I was only able to 
>> do so, because it runs on my preferred platform (Windows). This would 
>> also help me create test cases for bugs that I know exist in Safari, 
>> but can't find both the time and the access to a recent enough Mac OS 
>> X machine to create.
>> BTW, if there is some way to test sites out in Web-Kit on Windows - 
>> even if that means VMWare running Linux, I'd be willing to give it a 
>> try.
>> Thanks,
>> Kevin N.
>> Abhi Beckert wrote:
>>> I've seen several blog posts recently (eg:
>>> http://rentzsch.com/code/dashcodeForAjaxAppDevelopment) that boldly
>>> state WebKit's "ajax support" is vastly inferior to FireFox. All of
>>> them have been very vague and haven't specified exactly where WebKit
>>> is lacking, so I thought I'd ask you guys: Is WebKit inferior, or is
>>> it just because FF is cross platform/has more users, and the companies
>>> are focusing on FF first, and other engines later?
>>> If these claims are unfounded, lets chop them off at the head.

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