[webkit-dev] New text fields are turned on!

Timothy Hatcher timothy at hatcher.name
Fri Mar 31 11:36:04 PST 2006

On Mar 31, 2006, at 11:22 AM, Steven Fisher wrote:

> What kind of state is this considered to be in? Is it intended to  
> be in a stable enough state that it's worth reporting bugs against,  
> or is this just life at the top of the tree while developers are  
> still testing and fixing their own work?

No matter what state text-fields are in you are encouraged to file  
bugs about behavior change and other problems that need addressed.

> Just for instance: Double clicking words doesn't work properly in  
> most cases, copy-paste inserts extra spaces, spell checking doesn't  
> work... I'll file these if desired, but if the code is still being  
> written it's a bit pointless to do so. (Although it doesn't crash.  
> That's good!)

Again it is never pointless to file a bug. You can look over all the  
bugs filed about the new text-fields here:


Double clicking is filed in bug 8063. Please file bugs about copy- 
paste and spell checking.

— Timothy Hatcher
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