[webkit-dev] Using HTTP Auth with XHR

Eric Seidel macdome at opendarwin.org
Mon Mar 20 00:06:05 PST 2006

I believe this is a known issue:

<rdar://problem/4335156> XMLHttpRequest ignores username/password  
passed to open()

I need to go ahead and move that radar into bugzilla (or you should  
feel free to file one!), which will make it easier (for someone other  
than me) to fix.

I don't know of any work-arounds.


p.s. Instructions on filing WebKit bugs are available from our  
website: http://www.webkit.org/

On Mar 19, 2006, at 9:41 PM, Adam Ratcliffe wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm developing a DHTML application that interacts with a REST API  
> that uses either HTTP Basic or Digest authentication.  I'd like to  
> provide a login form that 	uses XHR to authenticate the user before  
> the actual request for a protected resource is sent.
> The problem is that XHR does not handle the server's authentication  
> challenge, delegating the work to the browser which shows the HTTP  
> auth dialog.  I've tired various approaches such as including the  
> username and password in the URL e.g. http:// 
> <username>:<password>@host/path but none of these seem to work.
> The form's onsubmit handler is shown below, a complete test case  
> with a PHP server-side implementation attached.  I've tried the  
> test case both on Safari 417.8 and the webkit nightly build.  The  
> test case works fine on Firefox.
> Is this a limitation of webkit's XHR implementation or is there  
> another way to do HTTP auth with it that I'm missing?
> Cheers
> Adam
> function login() {
>     var url = loginForm.action;
>     var username = document.getElementById("username").value;
>     var password = document.getElementById("password").value;
>     var http = new XMLHttpRequest();
>     http.open("get", url, false, username, password);
>     http.send("");
> }
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