[webkit-dev] Strang problem with the linux port.

Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 07:55:07 PST 2006

Hi all I'm having a strange problem with the linux port and maybe
someone can help.

The problem is that the macros in

khtml/html/htmlnames.cpp  fail under linux

I dumped the cpp code and  I'm getting generated code like the following.

 new ((void*)&abbrTag) QualifiedName(nullAtom, "abbr", xhtmlNS);

Now when I looked at the constructor for QualifiedName it takes as args

QualifiedName::QualifiedName(const AtomicString& p, const
AtomicString& l, const AtomicString& n)

Now I'm not a uber C++ programmer I'm guessing that either there is
some autoconversion taking place or the pointers happend to line up
I'm at a loss.

In any case the macros fail under the debugger with the following
type of failure
QualifiedName (this=0xb7e0d5c8, p=@0x0, l=@0x0, n=@0x0) at Shared.h:34

Event though the gen code shows that a real char * is sent in.



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