[webkit-dev] Re: [Evolution-win32-devel] Not found libgconf-2-4.dll intheevolution-2.5.90

Justin Haygood jhaygood at spsu.edu
Wed Mar 1 05:02:48 PST 2006

Another alternative is NSIS.. the NullSoft Software Installer. This is what
most GTK+ apps for WIndows use iirc.

On 3/1/06, Andrej Falout <andrej at falout.org> wrote:
> > What remains is for somebody to feel the urge to combine it
> > all into an end-user installer, either based on the binaries
> > I provide, or after building it themselves. Actually people
> > have already done that experimentally, but not made it
> > publicly available.
> I guess I was waiting on the list for this moment ... Urge has arrived :-)
> I have experience with InnoSetup (http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php)
> and
> had created Windows installer for Aubit project 4GL compiler with it.
> What I can offer, is to create installer for Evo, from existing and
> working
> binaries. Unfortunately, ATM, I wont have time to compile it from source
> myself.
> So if someone can zip there existing (and working!) installation, Evo,
> libs
> everything needed, and tell me what needs to be done to registry &
> environment, I'll make an installer.
> Hopefully, that would attract more users to try it, and report any issues.
> After they are addressed, I may have time to create a build system to pull
> latest source code, recompile and create installer from that.
> Preferably, that package would contain all the latest libs (inc. changes
> for
> W2K, Exchange connector patch, etc.) that Tor was talking about last few
> days.
> Thanks, Tor! And thank you, Novell!
> Cheers,
> Andrej Falout
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