[webkit-dev] Status of Linux port?

Kevin Ollivier kevino at theolliviers.com
Mon Jul 24 13:31:47 PDT 2006

Hi Krzystof,

On Jul 24, 2006, at 12:55 PM, Krzysztof Kowalczyk wrote:

> I was wondering what is the status of linux port. I saw that Mike
> Emmel and others did a bunch of work on that and
> http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8515 implies that
> things are working well enough to build a full, simple browser on gtk.
> However, I just tried to build the latest sources from svn but
> regenerate-makefiles fails for me with:
> /Projects/gdk/webcore-gdk.bkl:47: error: unknown target tag 'pre- 
> build-target'
>  when processing target at /Projects/gdk/webcore-gdk.bkl:40
> My knowledge of bakefiles is non-existing so I was wondering if anyone
> has a working Linux/Gtk build working and that's something that only
> happens on my machine or is it just broken for everyone.
> I'm using ubuntu 6.06 and the latest stable bakefile 0.2.0 released on
> 2006-02-05 (if that matters).

Actually, a special version of Bakefile is needed for <pre-build- 
target> support, as it's not in the official Bakefile sources yet.  
See the "Preparing the Build Environment" section of the <WebKit  
Root>/Bakefiles/Readme.txt file for details on where to obtain the  
version with <pre-build-target> support.



> Thanks,
> -- kjk
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