[webkit-dev] Bugzilla updates

Joost 'AlthA' de Valk webkit-dev at joostdevalk.nl
Wed Jul 12 10:13:45 PDT 2006

Hi all,

we have a few new things on Bugzilla, which I thought would be good  
to tell all of you about:

- Evangelism component
Know these sites were it says "Your browser is not supported" ? Hate  
them too? File a bug on them. These will probably have to go into  
Radar as well for the time being, so add NeedsRadar to them as well.  
Mark Malone from Apple and Troy Brandt from OmniWeb will both act on  
them, as will someone from Nokia I hope. I've been contacting the  
Opera guys on this as well, since they filed the first evangelism bug  
in our database, as we probably could do a lot of  this work  
together. We'll have to let the world know that adhering to  
webstandards != making your site accessible to FireFox too :) . If  
there's more news i'll let you guys know :)

- GoogleBug keyword
I have been talking with David Phillip Oster and Bob Austin from  
Google about the bugs we have in our Bugzilla that are related to  
Google products. I know there's an official Apple-Google channel, but  
we thought it would be nice if they knew about the bugs in Bugzilla  
as well. So from now on, please add the keyword GoogleBug to every  
bug related to a Google product, so these guys can track them easily.

That's all for know,


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