[webkit-dev] Win32: hitting the home stretch

Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 10:09:32 PDT 2006

On 7/8/06, Justin Haygood <jhaygood at spsu.edu> wrote:
> Hello Everyone!
> The Windows ports of JavaScriptCore and WebCore are hitting the home stretch
> for anyone who wants to implement:
> JavaScriptCore:
>  1. The current Win32 collector implementation is MSVC x86 only (using
> inline assembly). This should be changed to a C/C++ implementation so that
> it will compile on x64 (and potentially) MinGW
> 2. Bindings is currently not implemented. This can be split up into 2 basic
> components:
> All uses of CFDictionary need to be changed to HashMap. However, a const
> char * hashing algorithm that uses the string value instead of the pointer
> value needs to be implemented first.
> All uses of CFRuntime need to be ported over to a more cross platform
> method. CFRuntime is used for 2 different uses:
> threading
> callbacks WebCore:
> 1. Frames support. This will require work in both WebCore and WebKit
> (WebCore has to callback into WebKit for WebKit to create the native
> subwindow for WebCore)
>  2. HTML Canvas support. This will however require porting to the C++
> GraphicsContext API and for GraphicsContext to be more complete on Cairo.
> (this will also help GTK and I believe wX ports)
> 3. TransferJobWin needs to be rewritten to be more asynchronous and support
> HTTP and HTTPS. This is all possible via WinInet ( the API currently in use
> ).
> 4. I noticed that XMLHttpRequest isn't working on Windows. This might be
> related to point 3.
> 5. SVG support. This will probably either require temporarily porting
> KCanvas to Cairo for the interim. This isn't as important. (this will also
> help GTK and I believe wX ports)
I've got a partial port of the SVG support over to cairo.
I'll post what I have in a bug when/if needed otherwise I'll post as soon as
I can draw something. This may be a good project to actually move onto a
branch if there is enough intrest.

I'm actually working quite a bit on that right now.

> This is just stuff I've noticed over the past year. Finally, a native WebKit
> implementation! Web Designers and Web Surfers rejoice!
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