[webkit-dev] adding voting to bugzilla

Joost de Valk webkit-dev at joostdevalk.nl
Mon Jan 23 22:58:09 PST 2006

My first reply went to Darin alone, and not the list, sorry for that, we 
should configure the list to set the reply to field correctly.

Darin Adler wrote:
> There are some people here at Apple that would really like to see the 
> bug voting feature of Bugzilla turned on. We'd love to be able to sort 
> bugs by vote.
> Can we do this? 
Different from my reply to Darin: I've checked and, yes we can, quite 
easily. This would probably not even affect the other OpenDarwin products.
> Any downside to doing that?
Well, perhaps. While i am neither for or against this, my question is, 
which problem are we solving here? IMHO there are a few people around on 
#webkit who could probably tell you which bugs to fix first. A hard to 
understand bug on https certificates f.i. may not get very much votes, 
but if it's a critical security issue, it would need rapid fixing... So, 
what are we gaining by turning on voting? And perhaps whe should discuss 
the answer to that in a broader sense and see if there are alternate 

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