[webkit-dev] Server side DOM manipulation with javascript

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Fri Jan 13 13:47:31 PST 2006

On Jan 13, 2006, at 1:33 PM, Justin Haygood wrote:

> If you want help with creating a Windows based application that  
> utilizes JavaScriptCore, get in touch with me via email..  
> justin.haygood at gmail.com or via AIM at jhaygood86
> I've been playing around with it, and figured out how to do it the  
> other day.
> On 1/12/06, Benoit Marchant <marchant at gmail.com > wrote:
> Hi
> I'm exploring the possibility of using javascript server side as a
> templating language, in the context of AJAX applications. To that end
> both a javascript engine and a DOM document, ideally available as
> "document" from javascript, are needed. The idea is to be able to
> reuse the same code server and client side. The DOM document class
> could be a native one eventually, like the XMLDocument class in  
> Windows.
> In that context, I don't need rendering, which means that WebCore is
> most likely more than I would need in that regard. To be more
> specific, I'm targeting xhtml, and the server would most likely be
> running Windows. Apparently JavascriptCore now compile and run on
> windows. Any feedback on real usage there ?
> Has someone tried that before ? What would be involved in
> implementing such a solution ?

JavaScriptCore does run on Windows, but you won't have the DOM stuff.  
WebKit is actually reasonably efficient in a non-rendering context.  
If you inhibit loading of subresources via delegate methods, and  
disable rendering with a user stylesheet that forces display: none,  
the parsing is faster than many completely non-GUI parsing libraries,  
and you get a full DOM that you can manipulate, including the Window  


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