[webkit-dev] Subversion Switch (Tree Closed Saturday)

Timothy Hatcher timothy at hatcher.name
Sat Jan 7 00:29:17 PST 2006

On Saturday morning I will close the CVS tree at 10 AM to do the  
import into Subversion. You will need to download and install  
Subversion, if you don't already have it. Here is a link to the  
latest stable version.


Some commands have been removed or replaced with svn equivalents.  
Here is a list:

cvs-apply -> svn-apply
cvs-unapply -> svn-unapply
cvs-create-patch -> svn-create-patch
update-webkit (now works with svn)
prepare-ChangeLog (now works with svn)
checkout (removed, no longer needed)

The svn command is very similar to cvs. It takes similar sub-commands  
and shorthands, like "co", "up", "diff". If you know how to do it in  
cvs, just try it with svn. Here are some differences:

If you use "cvs -qn up", you can now do this with "svn status".
If you use "cvs diff -u", you can just do "svn diff" since Subversion  
always uses unified format.
The "svn add" command will recursively add new directories and all  
files under it.
You can now move files with "svn mv oldname newname".

These are just the basics. Subversion is very powerful wit hit comes  
to branches and tags, and I encurage you to skim through the manual at:


If you have trouble with the SVN repository please let me know so I  
can make this transition as smooth as it can be.

I will send another email with details about the new Subversion  
repository and update the website with info on how to do a fresh  

— Timothy Hatcher

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