[webkit-dev] Re: AJAX Application

Paul Everitt paul at zope-europe.org
Tue Jan 3 00:35:04 PST 2006

Andrew Eberhard wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Well, I'm getting underway with Safari-enabling my AJAX project [using 
> the latest nightly build ;-) ] and I've run into a problem that seems to 
> be "as designed" but I wanted to run it by everyone first.  Basically, 
> Document.load is not supported in Safari.  I assume that I can use 
> XMLHttpRequest instead, 
> but http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5411 led me to think 
> that there might be reason to enter a bug on Document.load support.  
> Since Sarissa currently relies on Document.load for SarissaDoc.load, I 
> wasn't sure if bug #5411 was intended to include Document.load support 
> in Safari or if the folks at Sarissa should be asked to update it to 
> work with Safari's XmlHttpRequest approach.
> There is a bit of prior research on this subject 
> at http://www.xs4all.nl/~zanstra/inTec/safariIdea.htm.

Hi Andrew.  The Sarissa folks are taking a look at it.  It's actually 
possible to work around the bug, I believe.

Here is what triggers the bug:

   var oldDoc = document.implementation.createDocument("", "", null);

(Note: This is against the Sarissa CVS HEAD.)

Creating a document with a real node name for the document element, 
though, works:

   var oldDoc = document.implementation.createDocument("", "foo", null);

Hmm, come to think of it, this works as well:

   var oldDoc = document.implementation.createDocument("", null, null);

Anyway, my guess is that your application can be made to work with a 
patched Sarissa.  I *think* (but I'm not sure) that the qualified name 
(2nd arg) should either be a real node name or null.  In which case, 
WebKit is right and we need to change Sarissa.


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