[webkit-dev] Porting WebKit to PalmOS

Donald C. Kirker dkirker at wapuniverse.com
Mon Feb 13 18:59:21 PST 2006

Thank you! I will look at this.

So far so good. Everything compiles with the arm-elf-cpp cygwin tool, but
now to link.


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On 2/13/06, Donald C. Kirker <dkirker at wapuniverse.com> wrote:
> Sorry for my ignorence.
> I am compiling collector.cpp and when i do I get the following errors:
> kjs/collector.cpp:317:2: #error Unknown Architecture
> kjs/collector.cpp:331:2: #error Unknown Architecture
> which is where all of the "#if defined(__i386__) i386_thread_state_t regs;
> ... etc." is housed. The only options are i386, ppc and ppc64. What should
> do about the fact that Palm devices use ARM processors?

Looking at current sources (not Nokia's version) those are related to
multiple threading support. Palm OS doesn't have threads so your best
bet is to disable threading support by making sure that
KJS_MULTIPLE_THREADS pre-processor symbol is not defined (in latest
sources it's defined in \kjs\config.h if __APPLE__ symbol is defined
as well).

-- kjk

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