[webkit-dev] help identifying a workaround for a known bug

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Thu Feb 9 15:57:59 PST 2006

The full version history of WebKit (from its inception inside Apple in
CVS through today in Subversion) is available through this web site, or
through any Subversion client.


The project was open-sourced during WWDC 2005 (June 6-10, 2005), and the
first nightly was built October 1, 2005.  That's roughly Subversion
revision r9350 to r10685.

  $ svn log -r{2005-06-10}:{2005-10-01} | grep '^r[0-9]' | wc -l

You might have an easier time simply reducing the bug first rather than
reading through those commit entries or even doing a binary search by
building previous versions.  :)  Besides, the act of reducing the bug
may give you some insight in how to fix it, too.


On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 03:08:27PM -0700, Clayton Ferris wrote:

> Thanks for the reply David. I was able to discover that the bug fix  
> must have happened between the opensource release and the first  
> nightly. in that case are those fixes listed somewhere?
> On Feb 9, 2006, at 1:03 PM, David D. Kilzer wrote:
> >There are two approaches:
> >
> >1. "Reduce" the problem to the smallest amount of HTML that still
> >exhibits the problem, then post that information here.  There are many
> >open bugs on http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/ that need reductions and
> >that haven't been fixed yet, so I doubt anyone has time to re-reduce
> >this issue.
> >
> >2. Try a "binary search" of the nightly builds on
> >http://nightly.webkit.org/ to find out which nightly this bug was  
> >fixed
> >in.  (Basically, try the newest build and the oldest build.  The  
> >newest
> >build should have the issue fixed, while the oldest build should not.
> >Then choose a build half-way between these two by date, and try  
> >it.  If
> >it exibits the problem, choose a build half-way between that build and
> >the oldest build, else choose a build half-way between that build and
> >the newest build.  Continue until you've found where the fix  
> >occurred.)
> >
> >If you find which nightly fixed the issue, you can isolate the WebKit
> >fix to the changes between that build and the previous nightly.  Then
> >you can use Subversion to look at logs between those dates or revision
> >numbers if they are SVN builds (these are just examples):
> >
> >   svn log -v -r{2005-10-10}:{2005-10-11}
> >   svn log -v -r11935:11955
> >
> >If the first nightly on that site had the problem fixed, then the fix
> >was sometime between the open source release of WebKit and that first
> >nightly.
> >
> >Dave
> >
> >
> >On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 12:23:21PM -0700, Clayton Ferris wrote:
> >
> >>On this site: http://www.iirodesign.com/ there is a bug in the
> >>current version of Safari, which has apparently been fixed in the
> >>nightly builds.
> >>
> >>The bug is the large spaces which occur under the individual posts,
> >>especially the first two.
> >>
> >>This space doesn't appear in any browser that I tried except Safari,
> >>and like I said it also appears fixed in the nightly Webkit.
> >>
> >>Any ideas of what exactly this bug is, or how I can make it look
> >>right in the released Safari version?
> >>
> >>thanks,
> >>Clayton Ferris

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